Addicted to Fear

Posted on June 4, 2014


My journey over the past several years has been very clear. It has not been easy or without adversity, but I was focused on the end result and I have been resolute about what I was working to achieve; I have worked very hard and my path has been clear to me. Currently, I find myself in this time and place in life that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Each piece of my life is turned around and upside down, and different from my norm and comfort zone. I am in a good place where I know that everything will be okay, I am smart, capable, and driven. But all of my life domains have changed in the recent months and I am feeling some insecurity personally, financially, and professionally.  At the same time, I feel more confident about my future than ever before.

The past few weeks I have been lost in fear and desperately trying to get back into my spiritual place of peace and comfort. My business is growing, my future is limitless, I have a man who loves and supports me, a family whose commitment and love for me is endless, I am educated, able-bodied, and blessed.  Although this instant feels unbalanced, I want to focus on gratitude and remember the ways I am blessed. The universe will take care of me and lead me in the right direction through prayer, meditation, and visualization. I want to practice these principles for the betterment of my future, my life, and my relationship and I believe this moment of discomfort and fear has been placed in front of me to remind me that gratitude is necessary and perhaps my thoughts have been misplaced.

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