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Posted on April 27, 2014


Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio spent time at the hotel Alta Mira after their wedding in the 1950’s. Their room is quaint, with a small balcony and views that will easily take your breath away.  Now Alta Mira Recovery Center, this historical landmark is rich with history from its time as a hotel in the small but robust town of Sausalito, California. 

The first thing that stands out at Alta Mira is the relaxed nature of the facility. It is a challenging time in a person’s life when they come through those doors full of pain and fear of the unknown, and the staff is not only qualified, but also friendly and experienced. Alta Mira places great value on their staff and you can see it in every detail. Alta Mira made a commitment to themselves and their clients that they would always strive to build exactly the right team of professionals to care for every detail of someone’s treatment. They are not making cuts when times are tough but instead recognizing the importance of the big picture and creating continuity and dependability for clients, a commitment to treatment and honoring the passion of Alta Mira.

This facility boasts a medical and psychiatric staff second to none. When put together, this team of individuals is well rounded and beyond impressive. A doc with a prominent mental health background, ASAM certified physician whose list of credentials and accomplishments will make your head spin, a nursing staff for the detox unit that is on premise 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and an addiction psychiatrist who also works with the local VA with vast knowledge in trauma work. I could easily spend several pages boasting about the lovely admissions director who tries to answer every call- you will never get a recording or an off-site answering service when you call Alta Mira, a staff member fields every call personally. How about the food, you say? Incredible! I enjoyed a lunch that included salmon, grilled fresh asparagus, prime rib, and other fresh made healthy choices all created in the kitchen on premise.  Nutrition is very important in this process of healing our bodies and minds, and healthy delicious choices are offered daily. And don’t get me started on the chef’s fresh blueberry scones…to die for…

Every client coming into Alta Mira will undergo a battery of tests that look at cognitive function, neuropsychology, and the individual’s symptoms. This allows a treatment program that is truly tailor-made for each person. This first round of testing is completed and a feedback session is provided for the client to explain the results in detail. Sometimes the family members are included to ensure a clear understanding for everyone. As we know, addiction affects every piece of our bodies and brains, and this level of testing gives great insight to each person and their specific behaviors, thought processes, and interpersonal struggles so each doctor, psychiatrist, and counselor can approach that person based on their specific needs rather than a cookie-cutter approach where every client is treated the same way.

A day in the life at Alta Mira includes individual work, exercise, yoga, goal setting, education, 12-step meeting participation, process groups, massage, and an evening wind-down which typically takes place outdoors overlooking the San Francisco Bay. There are opportunities for private rooms, however, most rooms are shared and each room is different. Some rooms are fully private sleep quarters and bathroom, some are semi-private with private sleeping quarters and shared bath, and the other rooms are non-private. This is a good fit for the busy executive, famous movie director, or leader of a foreign country and special needs for these busy and successful people are available for discussion as many accommodations can be tailored to the need of the individual.

A stay at Alta Mira starts at 30 days, but they are proud to say that the average length of stay has been growing continuously and the majority of clients decide to extend their stay to maximize their treatment. There is a great incentive to commit to a 90-day stay from the beginning as the cost is deeply discounted to encourage an up-front commitment. We all know that the longer someone stays in treatment the more help they receive and the better their opportunity for success. Alta Mira tries very hard to encourage a longer stay for the health and well-being of the client.

Overall, this is a top-notch facility with a staff that is second to none. Alta Mira takes the time to explore the person from the inside out and to provide them with the best tools available for a long, happy, and sober life.

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