New Year’s Resolutions…Review

Posted on June 3, 2011


We are at the half-way point  in the year so I thought this would be a good time to review the New Year’s Resolutions I set for myself and see where I am and what things have changed.

Number one, of course, is my sobriety.  That has not changed, I am still sober and happy to be sober and have every intention on continuing my sobriety.  It is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am grateful everyday.

Another thing I had on my list that is important to me was to smile more.  At first, I really focused on this and it definitely made a difference.  Now, I don’t consciously think about it anymore but I know I do it and it feels really good.  People react differently to you when you have a smile.  It is warm and friendly and I like it.

Make more friends!  I have made more friends!  It is nice to have people to spend some quality time with!  Getting out of the house a little more often, having great conversation, and a lot of laughs has been amazing!  I am so appreciative of the people in my life, I have great friends, old and new.  And I look forward to making more!

Italy!!  My trip to Italy is on the books!  I was hoping for it to happen this Fall, but it looks like it will be Spring.  That is fine with me!  I am super-excited, it is going to be incredible!

Another thing I had on my list is to buy a condo.  I am a little mixed up about this one.  Part of me wants to do it, but I have actually been considering maybe buying a rental property instead of buying a place for myself.  I’m really not sure what I want to do yet.  I think when the time is right, and the right place comes along, I will know for sure.  And that hasn’t happened yet.  We will leave this one on the list and check it out later in the year…

Spanish!!  I am happy to say that I decided to do the Spanish language immersion program!  I am going to Costa Rica in July, for 7 days.  I will stay with a host family, and attend school each day for 4 hours.  I am also going to take the opportunity to do some scuba diving while I am there and I will take full advantage of the amazing food!  I think where I will be is only a few minutes from one of the main beaches so I am also looking forward to spending some quality time with the ocean.  I miss the ocean everyday so this is going to be perfect!!

Another thing I had on my list was to read more.  I read a lot for school and for work, but I want to read more stuff just for enjoyment.  I am sad to say that I have not been able to do this yet.  I have had a small break from school and I didn’t make any time at all for reading.  I will keep thinking about this one and see if I can make something happen…

Side projects- my side projects are still just side projects.  I haven’t made any progress on the jewelry thing, although I think about it all the time.  I think I am a little lost as to how to go about it, which is strange because I am normally quite resourceful and when I want something I figure out how to make it happen.  I feel as though I need a little guidance in this one.  Perhaps I should make some time to get a little deeper into this and see what I can figure out.  I still have six months….

Save aggressively-  this one I have accomplished well.  Not saying that I am saving every penny, I do have a shopping habit to support!  But I am reaching my goal every month.  I sat down and made a spreadsheet to keep a detailed monthly budget and May was my first month to do it.  I will contiue to do it each month so I can see where I am more wasteful than I need to be and see where I may be able to save more.  Being committed to this goal is very important to me and doing this monthly budget, I think, will be really helpful.  Having things on paper really allows me to get honest about what I am doing and makes it easier to modify the things I want.

FINALLY…..straight A’s.  This is so important to me because I know I can do it.  I am fully capable.  So I am happy to report that for the Spring semester, for my first time ever, I got straight A’s!!!   A perfect 4.0!  As happy as I am about that, I have to stay focused on doing the same thing for my summer semester which just started yesterday.  It’s important to continue to challenge myself.

That’s where I am.  We are at the halfway point in the year so I thought it would be a good time to review and see how I’m doing.  Now I know what I need to focus on in the latter part of this year to accomplish the things that are important to me.  I hope the next six months continue to be as good as the past six.  I have a lot of wonderful things in my life, and wonderful people.  I know I say it all the time, but I am blessed.  Now I just have to remember to give back, don’t forget to be grateful, and take time to relax! 


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