Keep Moving

Posted on February 24, 2011


This space in time, right now, is another tribute to sobriety, growth, and courage.  I read in one of my textbooks that courage is the ability to move forward even when you are afraid.  I feel like that is the story of my life.  I always have some level of fear, the difference between now and my past is that I don’t let fear paralyze me.  The most important lesson I have learned the last couple of years is that you never give up.  I feel like I say it all the time… no matter what happens you just keep moving forward…never stop trying. 

I am reminded a lot of when I got sober and how I felt going to my first meeting.  I had no idea what to expect.  I didn’t know anything about the 12 steps, I didn’t know how to be sober, I didn’t know if my life would suck.  I just knew that it had to be better than the life I was living at the time.  My education and career path are much the same way.  I have no idea what is going to happen, I have no idea how it is going to turn out or where I will end up, I just know I have to keep moving forward and continue to make the best choices I can for my life. 

When I got sober, I immediately became super-inolved in recovery and the world of recovery.  I loved it from the beginning because it gave me hope.  I felt safe in recovery and I wanted to help other people get that same feeling.  In this new year, all of the pieces are falling into place.  My education, although a bumpy road, is coming along nicely.  I would like it to not take so long…. but that’s okay!   I am employed as a recovery coach, and I am now beginning to work on becoming a Board Registered Interventionist.  This is something I have wanted for a couple of years and I have been looking for someone to train me and supervise me.  I was having a really difficult time finding someone in my area that has the credential that I am seeking.  I found people that do interventions, but they aren’t credentialed and formally educated.  I  want to learn from the best because I want to be the best.  Last week, completely accidentally, I found someone right in my city.  I called her, she is amazing, her husband is a BRI also, and she is going to work with me!!!! 

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!  I am so excited, I have waited a long time. 

This is further proof that no matter what, you never stop moving forward.  Things may not happen exactly when I want them to, and it may appear that they won’t happen at all.  But when it is time, it happens.  If I stopped trying or I gave up, then it would NEVER happen.  Keep moving!!

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