Path To Happy #3

Posted on February 1, 2011


The third path to happiness principal is:

Build relationships.  Life’s truest happiness is found in friendships we make along the way.

Relationships are where we find the greatest happiness.  The reason is simple;  only through relationships can we love and be loved.  Make relationships your top priority and you will be on the road to true happiness. 

I posted a blog not too long ago about friendships, the importance of friends and the joy they bring.  My relationships are so different now.  When I was drinking I only surrounded myself with other drinking people.  My motives were all wrong.  I didn’t value people, I didn’t expect people to value me.  It was all superficial.  I am lucky that I had a few friends that I made long before I started drinking so they knew the real me.  And I still have those friends today.  But the new friendships that I make today are based on something totally different.  The people in my life are healthy, kind, generous, and genuine.  They bring me so much joy and laughter and they are supportive.  My friends, my family, my co-workers all fuel me to strive to be better.  I think that is what a true relationship is about.  For me, the importance isn’t on being loved, but getting to love. 

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