Celebrity Rehab/Rachel Uchitel/Dr Drew

Posted on January 23, 2011


I was just watching the season finale of Celebrity Rehab.  I’m sure it comes as no surprise that it is one of my favorite shows, but this season had something really special, Rachel Uchitel. 

I am so excited that this issue of love is being addressed.  I wish we could have seen more, explored more, and I hope in the future that will be the case.  It seems as though love is a great struggle for even the most normal people.  Add alcohol or drugs to the mix and you have a recipe for years of disaster and pain. 

Like Rachel, I also suffered a great love loss when I was young.  It affected me in the most profound way and still to this day.  I had someone in my life that loved me entirely.  It was easy and fun, safe, and perfect.  Losing that person stripped me to my core and set into motion a long line of emotional casualties, starting with my self-esteem.   Quick to follow were severe trust issues, and a deep fear of abandonment.  Followed by insatiable sadness and need.  My next step was daily drinking. 

This love issue, unhealthy, bad picking, love-seeking issue, is huge.  I have seen it in myself, in my friends, in girls that I sponsor and everywhere around me.  Boys and girls alike.  Ms.  Uchitel said on the show that she had a moment when she realized that she was giving herself to a person that wasn’t giving himself back, or couldn’t give back.  I know that moment, I’ve had that epiphany…more than once. 

I have so much respect for her for discussing such deeply personal things.  I have so much admiration for her for opening a topic that is long past due for some attention.  And Dr.  Drew.  I can’t say enough about him.  I have never met him, but he has been a catalyst in my life and an integral part of the choices that I have made for my education and career.  He is a true blessing that the recovery world would be devastated without. 

I tried to find a forum or page, or something where I could leave this comment for Rachel directly but I couldn’t find anything.  Of course, for me, the best thing is to share my thoughts here.  Just think, after what she has been through, highly publicized and ostracized, to then have the courage to do that show with that topic.  Those are the types of people who change the world. 

Thank you Rachel. 

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