Path To Happy #2

Posted on January 20, 2011


I told you about the email I got that was 17 Keys to happiness…this is the second one-

2.  Take Responsibility For Your Life

The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage- Thucydides

Taking responsibility for my life means so many different things to me.  Or maybe it means the same thing I can just relate it to soooo many areas of my life.  I think the first time I learned this lesson was when I was making my amends.  I had an ex-boyfriend that I couldn’t bring myself to make amends to.  He was really not a good person.  My sponsor kindly pointed out that I had an equal part to play in the melodrama.  Not because I was drama, but because I remained in the relationship.  He explained to me that when I knew the relationship was bad, it was my responsibility to leave.  It is my responsibility to take care of myself, to make myself happy, and to protect myself.  I had to take responsibility for my life.  It took me a few years, but I finally made amends to that person a few months ago. 

Then, I applied this philosophy to my education and planning my future.  I know a lot of people that want to take a short cut in life.  They want the easy job, or someone to take care of them, or they are lazy and can’t figure out why they don’t have anything.  I was exactly the same way when I was younger and especially when I was drinking.  But now, I know that my future is 100% dependent on my effort.  My happiness and my security are my responsibility. 

Then, of course, my sobriety.  It is my responsibility to do the things I know are necessary for me to continue the life I have been blessed with.  For me, this means going to meetings, this means being available and dependable to all recovery activities.  It also includes working out.  I feel my best when I do all of these things, therefore it is my responsibility to make sure I follow through. 

Taking responsibility for my life, to me, means that I challenge myself.  I don’t take the easy way just because the hard way seems too hard.  I do what is best for me, even if it doesn’t feel good.  And, most importantly, I take responsibility for the choices that I make even if they are wrong or bad.  I am not perfect, and I don’t always do the right thing.  But when I do it wrong, I certainly don’t blame anyone else.  I am my responsibility.

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