Home Sweet Home

Posted on January 17, 2011


So good to be home!!  Had a week in the Carribean, enjoyed Art Deco week in South Beach, did a little lounging on the beach while in Miami, and I’m finally home!  Of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate for everything to go smoothly so we faced some challenges, some big some small, but it was wonderful and much needed and very much appreciated!! 

I had the opportunity this past week to forget the blessings in my life.  Things weren’t going the way I wanted, I was afraid my niece was disappointed in me because we had some obstacles, and I was disappointed also.  But while in the middle of the Carribean, there was an AA meeting.  I went to this meeting expecting there to only be one or two people there, but I wanted to be there.  I wanted to be there not only because I wanted to be with my people, but because I wanted to be available if there was someone struggling.  I walked into the room, and there were probably 10 of us there!!  I didn’t realize how much I needed to be surrounded by people that understood  me until I saw all of those people and heard them speak.  No matter where I go, I have friends.  I can never say thank you enough. 

So the next several months are a little crazy.  I was invited to speak to a group in New York City soon, my best friend is getting married in Phoenix, and I think Costa Rica is on the horizon as well.  But for now, I am so happy to be home.  To have the dog laying next to me, to get back to work (at all my jobs), to get back to meetings, and back to school!!   I love leaving but I definitely love coming home!!

I have been off the map for a week only because I was out of the country, I hope noone thought I was gone forever!  I have been inspired and I have some things to accomplish in this new year.  I hope you all will enjoy the ride with me, and thank you again for reading, and for all of your wonderful comments and e-mails!!

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