Age and Dating

Posted on December 24, 2010


I’m curious what people think about an age difference in dating.  I have, most often, dated people older than me.  Usually within 5 years, sometimes a little older, and I feel like that is appropriate and our lifestyles and activities are more in sync.  So…..I have been asked out by a twenty-something, and it has made me wonder if I should consider this demographic.  Younger boys have always been interested in me and I never give them a second thought.  I have packed a lot of life experience in my 38 years and I have been on a crazy ride, and it seems difficult to connect to someone not-so-travelled.  I am an intellect and an introvert, I take my life very seriously, and these all seem like qualities that wouldn’t coincide with the life choices of a 28 year old.  However, it can’t be any worse or any more drama than the boys I have dated in their late 30’s or early 40’s!!  I am tired of dealing with committment issues and major emotional baggage.  I am incredibly tired of boys with an inability to communicate and severe insecurity.  So perhaps a younger person would be fun and light-hearted, maybe even open-minded and enjoyable!  This particular person has a lot of positive qualities.  He is funny, smart, educated, driven, close to his family, he is healthful, seemingly secure with himself, and very attractive.  The only thing I can’t get past is the number…..28.  He is 28.  He actually seems far more together than the last few people I have dated, more grounded and confident.  But he is only 28.  My girlfriends think it is really funny when I get asked out by younger guys, I even had one last year that was just 21, he thought I was 24 or 25 (bless him!), but I always laugh it off.  So I thought I would put it out to my readers… what do you think about age difference and dating?  Is it more comfortable for a woman if the man is older rather than younger?  Do you think you can have a real connection with someone who is 10-15 years older or younger?   Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!!

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