Posted on September 16, 2010


I heard once, a few years ago, that one definition of maturity is being able to delay pleasure.  I really like this and have since used it as a measuring tool for my own personal growth.  I like to set guidelines for myself and force myself to follow them.  I like to humble myself because my ego can get out of control pretty easily and my priorities may become skewed (sp?).  For example, last year when I moved, I made myself move into a reasonable place.  I am used to living in a nice place, lots of amenities, and paying a lot of money for it.  This time around, I made myself get a place that is simply what I need, not all the extras that I want.  In some regards I dislike it greatly, but I feel a certain security in knowing that I am not over-spending for some weird bragging rights that have no bearing on my life or my future.  My goal was to keep my monthly expenses low, so I can maximize my savings, and have more freedom in my future to live where I want and have all the things I want.  This is just one example, but I think you get my drift. 

The crazy thing is, that this method of thinking has really seeped into all aspects of my life.  In my jobs, in my relationship, in my family and friends.  It is amazing, to just take a moment to put things in perspective, to not react immediately and improperly, and to make a decision that is based on maturity rather than irrational emotion.  Sometimes I want to say something retarded just to elicit the instantaneous reaction I want, and I have to stop and realize that forcing something is never as good as just waiting for it to come together when it is supposed to.

I never thought delaying pleasure would feel good…..I think I may be growing up….

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