Court Ordered AA

Posted on September 9, 2010


I don’t want to get too crazy about this, it is just something that irritates me and I thought perhaps some of you could offer some perspective and bring my irritation down a notch.  Court ordered AA…..are you serious???

There are a couple of reasons I think this is seriously wrong.  First of all, when you are a part of Alcoholics Anonymous, you are serious.  Serious about your life, serious about your recovery, and serious about taking the necessary steps to be successful.  Some people, not me, are also very serious about their ANONYMITY!!!  There are people in the program, that don’t want ‘outsiders’ to know they are in the program.  People are chastised, their jobs could be in jeopardy, or the neighbors won’t let their kids play together anymore.  Hence…..ANONYMOUS.   A person who is forced to attend is going to have little to no respect for our privacy.  Privacy of attendance as well as privacy of our thoughts and things we share.  When you sit in these meetings, and dedicate your life and time to this journey of recovery, you share a lot of personal and private information.  As fellow alcoholics we have a great respect for one another, we understand one another on a deeper level, and we protect one another.  Some random DUI offender, or some kid who got an MIP (minor in posession) is not going to have that same respect.  What good could it possibly do to force someone to sit in a bunch of meetings where you have no vested interest in its principles or its people??  I would like to say to the court system, PLEASE STOP INVADING MY PRIVACY!!! 

I hope some of you have different thoughts, maybe you can offer me a different perspective!

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