Drunk Moments….Poor Mel Gibson…

Posted on July 20, 2010


This is such an interesting topic to me.  I have always had a lot of compassion for our celebrity alcoholic/addict friends.  Whether they are in denial or not.  So many people are talking about this situation with Mel Gibson and many of my friends have asked my opinion.  It is probably a little different than what you might expect.  Firstly, I don’t know Mel Gibson.  I met him once, briefly, in Malibu through a mutual friend.  Nothing more than a simple hello, it’s nice to meet you.  And perhaps I am a little biased because I have first-hand knowledge of drunken outbursts.  But I also don’t know his ex-girlfriend.  It seems like everyone wants to jump on this bandwagon against Mel for this outburst that she recorded and I wonder when is anyone going to address how screwed up it is that SHE RECORDED IT!!!???  I am not excusing his words or his obviously childish behavior, but I am saying that we don’t know the whole story.  How do we know that she hasn’t gotten drunk and screamed obscenities at him?  Perhaps she has had some un-becoming behavior in their relationship as well.  That’s all I’m saying.  I have known some people in my day, both men and women, that have done some pretty dispicable things to their significant others.  Especially at the termination of the relationship.  One time, I knew a girl that peed all over her man’s clothes before he came to pick them up.  I bet she’s glad that wasn’t recorded and released for the world to judge her and bash her.  I have known more than one guy to resort to stalker behavior and become really creepy- and have known many people to hook-up with friends of their ex just to get back at him/her. 

My point is, I don’t think Mel’s words were okay, but I know that almost everyone has done something in their life that they are not proud of.  I certainly exerted some childish behavior in my drunken days that I am happy to leave buried in the past.  Everyone loses their temper and screams and yells, we are not perfect.  Alec Baldwin had a similar situation with his child some time ago and he was bashed as well.  We are all human, and we all lose our grip sometimes for one reason or another. 

I think the fact that she baited him and recorded him is disgusting.  Perhaps she should spend less time trying to make him look bad and spend some more time figuring out why she thinks it is okay to be sneaky, un-trustworthy, and deceitful.  I understand that he has a lot of money and she wants some, I understand that she deserves support for their child and I agree with that.  However, there are plenty of people in the world that have children with people that turn out to be undesirable.  And when you realize that they are undesirable…..MOVE ON!!!!   Stop beating a dead horse, focus on taking care of your baby and focus less on Mel’s bank account.  Millions of people all over the world raise children with no child support or spousal support or anything else.  My mom did it also. 

I heard a saying one time that I believe to be true:  making someone else look bad, doesn’t make you look better.  It just makes you look like an idiot.  This woman decided to have a child with this man, if he is not being responsible, then it is your DUTY to your child to pick up the slack.  If Mel is such an irresponsible drunken fool, then why do you want him around your child anyway?  Get a job, like everyone else, and get on with your life.

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