Change In Recovery

Posted on July 6, 2010


Sometimes I find myself feeling stagnant, or bored, like nothing is happening and there is no progress in my life.  One of the things I like about holidays is that they are those monumental sort of moments.  July 4th, Mother’s Day…these days when I can look back and remember the exact details of my life, what I was doing and who I was with.   I can say with certainty, that all things are greatly improved from one year ago, and super-improved from two years ago!  I wrote a blog awhile back about how life happens in the details, and this is a perfect example.  I just move about my everyday life, taking care of things, trying to always be a better person, and feeling bored sometimes.  Then I have these opportunities to look back and to recognize the real growth that has taken place.  When my schedule of writing, work, gym, dog, meetings, family…starts to feel mundane then I start to feel like nothing is happening.  The truth is, that showing up everyday and being present, being committed and dependable, are exactly the things that allow me to grow and improve.  It is in the details that I gain knowledge, experience, and build my self-esteem- and all of those things are what makes it possible for me to move forward.  Remembering the details of a year ago and feeling as though my life has improved, but also my thinking has improved.  I prioritize differently, I’m just a tad smarter, a lot happier, and excited for the details of the next year.  Cheers!  To life, to love, and gratitude.

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