First Things First

Posted on March 31, 2010


The first thing I want to blog about is pretty simple and straight forward.  I am really happy that I finally took the time to set up this blog.  I love to blog, I love to write, and this is something I have been thinking about for a very long time.  A new friend, and someone I respect a great deal, encouraged me to move forward with this process instead of continuing to talk about it and think about it.  It wasn’t so many years ago that goals and dreams for me were unattainable.  Not because it was impossible on some level, but because I was too drunk to achieve anything.  I was what we call a ‘barstool dreamer’.  I would sit on my barstool and talk about all of the things I want to do, all the places I want to go, but I never would.  Until I got sober.  I have done more in these recent years than I ever knew I wanted to.  So for me, this is a great day, a great moment, and it is merely the beginning.  There are so many steps to follow and I am super excited to be here… first things first…

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